Joy of Crystal Being Wellness has been an amazing healing force in my life. After trying and being disappointed by many different types of physical therapy and body work, I began doing a one-on-one restorative yoga program with Joy. She is a gentle teacher and healer with a profound understanding of movement and the body. Through working with Joy, I’ve been able to truly restore my body and reverse the damage I had done through years of bad body mechanics and injuries. She has greatly reduced my pain! She is also a skilled reiki practitioner, which has been an amazing part of our work together.

In addition to her extensive knowledge of yoga and the body (which includes lots of breath work and relaxation), she’s also very well informed about the use of various herbs and foods to reduce inflammation, which are different from the typical ones I was aware of. I am so grateful to have found her, and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to engage in healing!

– Julie B.


Joy taught me different breathing techniques that I could use to fix my posture, and used Yoga therapy to help me do poses that I normally wouldn’t be able to do. She’s really good at customizing a class to your needs, and is able to quickly assess where you need strengthening and adjustment.
– Jason K.

I came in for flexibility and balance, and Joy was able to look at my positioning and figure out that I had more a knee issue that was causing me to have poor balance, she was able to quickly adjust my sessions to work on correcting my knee position, and challenge me enough to make me feel as though I was getting a complete work out.
– Sara V.


Joy is a phenomenal yoga therapist. I started working with her a few months ago to help relieve my stress and strengthen my core. I feel more energetic and ready to take on the world!
– Saba Z.



I’ve been a maintenance tech for the last 25 years and have beaten myself up enough to have constant pain in my back and hips. Joy has enlightened me with her vast knowledge of yoga to the point of painless existence. All of this starting within the very 1st session. I’ve had the pleasure of 7 sessions so far, and look forward to many more. It has physically and psychologically changed my perception of yoga for the better! I’m presently pain-free and feeling very good and more confident of my abilities! This stuff rocks!
– Rich K.